FAQ: Dracula’s Feast: A monstrous game of secrets and deduction
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Who’s making this game, Jellybean Games or Blue Beard Entertainment?

It’s both! Blue Beard Entertainment is the name for everything I make (games, podcasts, apps) and Jellybean Games is specifically the company which makes games for kids and adults alike. Find out more at http://www.jellybean-games.com and http://beard.blue Last updated: Thu, Oct 6 2016 9:52 pm EDT

Is Dracula’s Feast a kid’s game?

Like all Jellybean Games, it’s 100% kid-friendly; there’s no adult content, the rules are easy to learn, and it’s a lot of fun. But this game was designed for grownups as well, and has been primarily tested with adults, and contains more than enough strategic depth to be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. And unlike many social deduction games, it’s perfect for families to play together! There are no teams, and no one ever has to lie. Several of our reviewers had a great time playing the game with their children - just make sure to let them know that in real life, dancing with a Werewolf is probably not a great idea... Last updated: Thu, Oct 6 2016 9:52 pm EDT

How much is shipping to Canada and Mexico?

Shipping within the US is $5 for the base game or the base game + expansion; shipping anywhere else in the world (including Canada and Mexico) is $10! Last updated: Thu, Oct 6 2016 9:52 pm EDT

How did you assemble such an attractive team?

The trick is to start with one incredibly attractive, blue-bearded individual. Soon enough, the others will follow. Last updated: Thu, Oct 6 2016 9:52 pm EDT

Will all the expansion and promo cards fit in the box?

Definitely! Unless you fill the box up with Vegemite, in which case we cannot help you. No one can help you. Last updated: Thu, Oct 6 2016 9:52 pm EDT

Can I buy more copies?

For sure! As long as you’ve pledged at the CERBERUS level or above, just add $9 for each additional copy of Dracula’s Feast and $5 for each extra copy of Cthulhu and Friends! For each extra copy of Dracula’s Feast you get during the campaign, we’ll also add an additional Promo Pack. Last updated: Thu, Oct 6 2016 9:52 pm EDT

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